Modern Living Room Decoration Inspiration


Not everyone makes a family room in the house they make. Often this space is missed, because maybe the members of the house don't have time to just do family time. There are also those who are constrained by the existing area so that they do not build a family room or indeed there is one room that has two functions such as a living room and a family room. However, if you really want to have a special family room in the house, there are some inspirations for modern family room decorations.

Maximize Existing Area


In designing the family room, it is necessary to maximize the existing area. In the picture, the living room area is not built in a large area but also not so narrow. Therefore, maximize the existing area with a gray sofa, and a carpet spread on the front of the sofa with a white abstract motif. There is also a table placed in the middle with a unique shape and made of wood. Beside the sofa there is a small shelf that can be used to store some room decorations such as ornamental plant pots. Because the walls of the living room use white paint, so that it's not too plain, install a wall-mounted shelf as a place to store some family photo frames.

Even though it's simple, it's contemporary


In building a contemporary family room, you don't have to use decorations that are too glamorous. With a legless sofa and arms, this soft blue letter L sofa has a soft material and is comfortable to sit on. There is also a soft, cream-colored fluffy carpet that is spread over the front of the chair. Some pillows are stored on the sofa with various colors and images. Starting from leaf patterned images to today's famous artist, Justin Bieber. On the furry carpet is also placed a small short table made of wood. So that the walls are not too plain, several medium-sized frames can be placed. With this simple concept, the appearance of the family room still looks contemporary.

Sitting Lesehan With Full of Warmth


So that when gathering with family members it is not too stiff, a family room without a sofa can be an option. Only with a large enough blue rug, can cut the distance when gathering with family. By sitting down together and then talking about what experiences have been experienced by each family member, it will bring warmth to the family. The family room also feels more homey with a TV that is stored in a short wooden cupboard, wall decorations and some plants that are stored on top of the cupboard, shelf and in the corner of the room. The dominance of white color and the family room which is close to the artificial garden makes the family room feel warmer.

Elegance In Tiny Space


This family room has a small area. With a medium-sized sofa which has a soft and soft material in gray and a carpet with a leaf motif, the family room looks comfortable to live in. There are two cabinets that are stored beside and in front of the sofa for storage. On the side of the sofa there is also a flower vase, a photo of a frame that is stored on top of the cupboard. The front of the sofa also has a TV, so it can be used to watch when gathering with family. The elegance of the room is created from the floral accents used in the furniture and the dominance of the cream color in the room.

Use Modern Concepts in Minimalist Spaces


Contemporary is usually synonymous with things that smell modern. Modern concepts can now be used in a minimalist room. As in this family room which is located close to a fairly large window. With a large sofa with an elongated shape in gray. Then a small round green sofa and a rug with a pentagon motif. There is a cupboard with a family photo on the top in a frame with one ornamental plant and a TV attached to the wall. The dominance of the room using white, this makes the room look more spacious and modern.

Stay Elegant


The color collaboration used in the interior of this family room makes the space look elegant. With a navy single sofa and a light blue elongated family sofa. The wood accents found in the table, floor and storage shelves also create a natural side. Moreover, the addition of plants on the walls of the room as well as in several pots that are stored on the side of the sofa makes the room feel more alive and up-to-date.

For some people, maybe the family room is not important, because they can do family time by traveling somewhere. However, some parents think that after being tired of doing activities outside the home, doing family time at night at home with children is something that must be done in an easy way. Therefore, this decoration inspiration is one of the manifestations of creating a harmonious family.


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