Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration Inspiration


A bedroom with modern interior decoration doesn't have to be stuffy and cold. However, the appearance of the bedroom must remain comfortable to use for rest at night. A modern feel can be created by combining it with casual color accents, luxurious furniture and contemporary decoration. There are several interior decorations that can be used as inspiration that can help create a modern bedroom.

Modern Minimalist Decoration


Modern minimalist decor can be used as inspiration for a contemporary bedroom. With a large window that is also used as lighting during the day. The color used on the bedroom wall paint uses white, which is usually used for rooms with a minimalist concept. A modern feel is created from the furniture used in the bedroom. The mattress in the bedroom has an area that is not too wide, it can only accommodate one person. With a soft mattress material so comfortable to use. In the corner of the room near the window, there is a small white table and a soft pink single chair that can be used for studying. As a storage area, this bedroom uses a cupboard attached to the wall with two white drawers. At the top of this cupboard can be stored various kinds of decorations such as frames and some ornamental plants in small pots. So that the wall is not too empty, you can add a hexagonal shaped wall hanging shelf as a place to store items such as stationery, books or decorations. At the front of the mattress can also be stored a round sofa that can be used to relax. As lighting at night, in this bedroom there is a lamp that has a unique appearance.

Soft Color Combination


A bedroom with a modern concept, doesn't always have to use rigid colors. Precisely with a combination of soft bright colors can produce a modern bedroom with a cheerful impression so that it looks comfortable to look at and live in. This bedroom paint uses white with a soft green color into a color combination that is pleasing to the eye, making it comfortable to rest in the room. Especially with a bed made of rattan and a single mattress, then a small cupboard beside the bed and a night lamp that is stored above the cupboard to create a blend of rooms that are still contemporary.

Luxury in a Modern Bedroom


Something modern, usually synonymous with luxury. Likewise in the bedroom, if you have a large area with a sufficient budget, you can build a luxurious modern bedroom. In addition to a large area with a fairly large window, all the items used in decorating the interior of this bedroom also seem expensive. There are two single sofas near the window with a small round table that is used to relax or chat suitable for married couples. Has a king size bed facing a large TV. The cupboard in front of the mattress is not only used for the TV, but also as a place to store other items. There is also a fluffy carpet between the mattress and the wardrobe. The lamps used in this bedroom have a luxurious appearance. Overall, this room is dominated by beige and brown colors, resulting in a luxurious and elegant modern bedroom.

Create a Natural Feel


In the interior decoration of a modern bedroom can also be combined with natural shades. This can be done by using wood in the furniture used. As in the picture, the mattress used is made of brown wood which is the natural color of wood. The spring bed used is a king size with green color. There is a small window so that the sunlight in the afternoon can directly enter the bedroom. There is a lamp with a curved shield in the shape of a half ball which is quite unique and a small cupboard for storage. On one wall there is also a picture of trees with a size large enough to add to the natural impression of the bedroom. To make it more beautiful, you can also place potted plants in the bedroom, it's just that these plants need to be removed at night. Because at night it releases carbon dioxide, so if it is inhaled when resting in the bedroom, it can be dangerous.

Carrying the Modern Industrial Theme


Modern industrial themes can be used as an option in decorating bedroom interiors. Overall this bedroom has original brick walls without plaster and paint. A modern feel can be created through the uniquely shaped hammock lamp and the king size spring bed used. A cream-colored mattress with abstract and plain motifs, makes the bedroom not monotonous. Moreover, with one rectangular window so that sunlight can enter easily during the day, making the bedroom look comfortable.

Use Modern Casual


Bedrooms with modern casual interior decorations are suitable for adult men. The single spring bed used is gray and the blanket is green and the pillows have music-themed images. There is a shelf attached to the wall as a place to store goods. The wall decorations used use frames and drum paintings drawn directly on the walls. At the bottom of the shelf there is a study table and chairs. As lighting, use ordinary lamps and study desk lamps. This bedroom with white paint and soft green gives a casual impression in the room.

Some of these modern bedroom interior decorations can be used as inspiration. This interior decoration is the result of the creative thinking of each individual, so it can be modified to suit your needs and budget.


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