Interior Design Tricks in Tiny Rooms


When you have a small house, you will have difficulty in designing the interior. Therefore, it becomes a challenge when you have to try to adjust everything and make all the furniture with the decorations used stay in harmony and make the room feel more spacious. There are several interior design tricks in a small room that can be used as a reference in finding smart solutions for the obstacles faced.

Stay Homey


Even though you have a small room, make sure to choose all the furniture and decorations well. The guest room has a homey interior design. With an elongated sofa and a cream-colored single sofa. Then a fairly large white table made of wood. On the table is also placed a flower vase that makes the living room look comfortable to live in. The window in this living room also has a fairly large size with white curtains, so that it becomes lighting during the day. The lamp used in this tiny living room uses a chandelier. In order not to look narrow, you should not install too many wall decorations. Enough with one medium-sized frame that is attached to the wall as the center of the room.

Stay Elegant


When you have a small room, it doesn't mean you have to ignore a concept you want to create. Especially in the living room which is a place for people who visit the house and have quite a long conversation with them. Therefore, even in a small area, the living room can still be designed attractively. As shown in the picture, this living room has two elongated sofas and one single sofa arranged in a circular shape, surrounding a table in the middle. This living room is also made close to a large window to give the impression of being spacious in the room. Paint the living room using dove gray, with furniture dominated by light gray to make this living room look elegant.

Indoor Wood Element


The use of wood elements in the interior design of the room also makes the appearance of a small room appear more comfortable and spacious. It can be seen in this bedroom using wood material in the cabinets, wall shelves, table chairs and mattresses. The selected mattress bed is also multifunctional, because apart from being a mattress, it also has three drawers that can be used as a place to store things. The combination of white and the natural brown color of wood is a combination that is suitable for use in a small room.

Furniture that is not too big


In a small room, the size of the furniture needs to be considered. Avoid choosing furniture that is too large, because this will require a smooth area. However, it also does not mean you have to choose furniture that is too small. Make sure that the furniture used is sufficient with the area in the house and is in accordance with the needs. In this part of the dining room, although it has a small room, it can still accommodate four family members. The size of the table is also not too big, with sufficient length and height of the table. The selection of chairs must also be right, and avoid chairs that have armrests that make the dining room look cramped. You can also choose a chair made of wood for the seat and iron for the back and four legs. Part of the wall can be filled with a frame containing some pictures and words of motivation as well as a small shelf to store decorative teapots. Also put a plant pot with rattan wicker on the side of the dining area, to give a natural touch to the room.

Proper Storage


So that a small room is not messy, it is necessary to use the right storage area. In this part of the kitchen there are several storage areas that are tailored to your needs. For example, hangers are used as storage for some kitchen furniture that is often used, such as Teplon. There are several cabinets that are stored at the bottom and attached to the wall. Apart from being a storage area, this cupboard is also a place to protect LPG gas cylinders from the chaos of kitchen activities. There is also an open shelf that can be used to store several glass jars containing spices.

Mirror as the Center of the Room


In addition to the white color used in the room to make it look spacious, the use of a mirror as the center of the room also creates a cheerful and airy impression like this part of the bedroom. In addition, there is a cupboard for storage and a sink in one place. In dividing the room with the shower, the bathroom also uses clear glass. This creates a bulkhead and at the same time makes the room appear wider.

Although designing a small room can be a challenge, with some of the tricks described above, you can help fit as many items as possible into a tiny room. By still making all parts of the room in the house look comfortable, it doesn't look messy and messy.


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