Home Interior Ideas With Natural Shades


There are several new home trends emerging today and it is often tempting to update the home rather than completely revamp it. One trend that many people are considering is re-engaging with the world around them. This is because by involving natural nuances in the room will make all activities in the house feel comfortable with natural nuances. There are several home interior ideas with natural nuances that can be used as a reference in building a house that remains contemporary.

Let the Light In

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With windows that have large sizes and various shapes, it can be a solution in creating a natural feel in the interior of the house. As in the picture, this house was built with three large windows. In addition, the shape on the window sills used also does not only have a rectangular shape. But there are also those that have a curved shape at the top. With windows that have clear glass, it makes the room in the house look bright because natural lighting can directly enter the house. Moreover, it is supported by the dominance of white color in the room so that the room looks brighter. In addition, with this large window, people in the house can directly see some trees outside the house. Some of the furniture used in the house also uses wood materials such as tables, cabinets and shelves. There are also tall plants in pots in the corner of the room making the natural feel even more pronounced.

Decorative Plants Part Wall Decoration

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Home interior ideas with natural nuances that can be used are to make ornamental plants as part of the wall decoration in the house. In addition, wall decorations are also needed so that the walls are not too plain. Use a wall mounted shelf made of wood as a pot storage place. With an elongated shape and an adjustable number, it can accommodate several small ornamental plant pots. Therefore, natural shades can be created from ornamental plants and wooden elements in the room.

Close to Nature

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Private rooms are often used as a place to work at home. In addition, sometimes it is the right place to find inspiration or to be alone from the tiredness of daily activities. Therefore, the placement of this space should be close to nature. For example, by making a private room that directly faces the garden. Seeing the green color in plants will affect the mood in your mind, so you feel calm. In addition, it can also refresh the eyes. Therefore, it is important to create natural nuances in a personal space so as not to feel stiff in carrying out activities or just sitting quietly in it. In addition, the use and placement of furniture must also be appropriate so that the room is comfortable. Use large windows with clear mirrors to feel close to nature, this also makes it easier for direct sunlight to enter the room during the day. Tables and chairs should be placed near the window to be comfortable when working or relaxing overlooking the garden. The cabinets used should also be made of natural wood. In addition, the use of colors in paint and furniture should also use neutral colors with a combination of natural wood colors so that the room is comfortable to live in.

Indoor Wood Element

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The use of wood elements in the furniture used in the interior of the house can help create a natural feel. As in the bedroom, you should use a bed made of wood that is uniquely shaped with woven in several parts so that it looks artistic. The cabinets used are also made of wood by maintaining the natural brown color of the wood in some parts. On the walls of this bedroom there are not so many decorations, only a mirror with decorations that surround it so that it produces a shape like the sun. The lamp used also has a unique shaped lamp protector with brown accents. The carpet used on the front of the bed also has a nature-themed image. In the corner of the room there is also a fake plant that is quite tall. In addition to the wood elements in the furniture, the use of green wall paint creates a more natural feel in the room.

Stay Balance

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Natural nuances are often considered far from contemporary. Even though natural nuances can be created by combining them with things that are still up to date. As in this part of the bathroom, which is still modern with a shower and sink in it. The ceramic walls and floors are also not so plain, there are mosaic motifs with brown accents that make the room look more artsy. Wooden elements are also used in storage shelves and pallets for sinks. Therefore, with this balance, natural nuances can be created in this bathroom.

Build a Mini Garden

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The kitchen is often a stuffy and boring place. Therefore, the natural nuances created will make all kitchen activities not feel monotonous. On the side close to the kitchen, you can build a mini garden. This mini garden will make you comfortable when cooking or eating with your family. In order to save space, it is better if the plants planted are vines, as well as some ornamental plants that grow in the soil with a size that is not too large. The use of a glass roof in the garden can also allow direct sunlight to enter the kitchen area. With natural lighting will make the kitchen not stuffy anymore.

With natural shades in the interior of the room will make the room not stiff. In addition, it also keeps up with the times by using furniture that is still up to date. With some home interior ideas, this natural feel also makes all activities carried out in the room more comfortable.


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