Wall Mounted Shelf Model Inspiration to Beautify a Room


Shelves are often an option to be more flexible to accommodate more items in the room. Now shelves have many forms, such as cabinets with open shelves to wall mounted shelves. Wall-mounted shelves are often used not only to store things, but also to make the interior of the room more beautiful. Here are some wall models that can be an inspiration for use in several rooms in the house.

Ordinary Wall Shelf

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This first wall shelf model has a common shape and is often used by many people in various rooms. This shelf has an elongated plank shape with two pieces of wood holding the board against the wall. The wooden boards used are usually brown, but can also be painted in the desired color. Usually a wall-mounted shelf with this model is mounted on the wall of the living room or lounge.

House Shape Shelf

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This outboard wall shelf has a quite unique shape, because it looks like a house. With a triangular shape as the roof of the house, and some wooden boxes as the walls of the house. This shelf is made of wood and is usually used in several rooms. With its artistic shape, this shelf is suitable for use in the living room. To make the living room look more beautiful, with a collection of favorite decorations stored on the shelf.

Shelf in the Bathroom

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So that the bathroom is not messy, it is important to use pasted wall shelves to use. The selected outboard wall shelf can use a closed shelf design. Although quite simple, with an elongated box with several boards in it for storage and a sliding door as a shelf cover. This shelf can accommodate toiletries, so in addition to making the bathroom always tidy, it also makes it easier to use the equipment.

Wall Mounted Shelf For Shoes

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For those who collect shoes or with many members in the house, then this shoe-mounted wall shelf is indeed necessary. This shelf can be made by yourself with a long board and several short boards made of wood as a shoe holder. This shoe rack can be stored in the back of the house close to the door.

Tree Trunk Shelf

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For people who like ornamental plants or just for wall decoration, they can choose a shelf with the shape of a branched tree trunk. This wood material is indeed arranged in a tree-like shape that has many branches as storage shelves. With the unique shape of this shelf, it can accommodate quite a number of ornamental plants in small pots, so the room looks beautiful.

Shelf in the Playroom

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The playroom is a special room for children to do all kinds of activities with their favorite toys. Often this space becomes a messy place because of scattered toys. Therefore, to make the room look neat, use a wall-mounted shelf that is uniquely shaped. In the picture, this wall shelf is made like a shelf in general with the shape of small boxes made of wood. It's just that two tires are added with a picture of the front of the car, so that the rack looks like a truck. This model rack is suitable for those who have boys. In addition to making the room appear to be playing, this shelf can also teach children to independently pick up and tidy up their toy cars.

Multifunctional Rack

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This wall mounted shelf is suitable for use in a private room or in a bedroom. With several boxes and curved sides, this shelf has a multifunctional design. Apart from being a place to store books and some other items in the box, it can also be used as a study table. In addition, this outboard shelf also has a drawer that can be used to store a computer keyboard.

Shelf With Mirror

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This shelf has a mirror in the middle surrounded by a box made of wood for storage. With a mirror on this shelf, it can give the impression of being spacious in the room. So that this shelf apart from being a storage place for room decoration, is also suitable for use in rooms that are built with a minimalist concept.

You can choose several models of this wall-mounted shelf according to your needs. Sticking wall shelves will also help so that you don't just put things away, thus making things messy.


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