Tips for dividing the space in the house without wall partitions


In building a house, to divide the rooms in it, a wall is often built as a bulkhead. If you have an area that is not too large, then the use of the wall as a bulkhead will make the inside of the house narrow. Therefore, a house without wall partitions can be the solution. Dividing space in the house without wall partitions is also not an easy thing. Therefore, some tips are needed so that even without walls the room can be distinguished from one another.

Different of color


In this house there are no wall partitions between rooms. However, by looking at the interior, you can immediately distinguish that in one room in this house is divided into three, namely the living room, dining room and kitchen. Even without wall partitions, with the difference in the color of the wall paint, this can distinguish the space. In the kitchen, the wall paint and the furniture used are dominated by white. In the next section, the wall paint used is black, and this is part of the dining room. Then paint the walls using white again and this is part of the living room.

Item Arrangement


Houses without wall partitions are usually used when building a house in an area that is not too large. Therefore, the arrangement of goods must be right so that the room can be distinguished. As in the picture, in this one room there is a living room and a dining table. It can be distinguished because of its planned spatial arrangement. In the living room there is an elongated sofa facing the TV which is placed on the wall. Under the TV there is an open cupboard as a place to store some electronic items so that the room doesn't fall apart. At the back of the living room sofa there is a wooden shelf facing the opposite direction. This is what succeeded in dividing the room, even without a wall partition. At the front of the shelf there is a dining area. There is a hairy carpet that serves as a base for storing chairs and a dining table so it doesn't slide around so the room doesn't fall apart. With a large dining table and a few chairs. Almost all of the furniture used is made of wood, so that the visual appearance of the room becomes attractive.

Use Partition


Room partitions are furniture that does have a function like a wall partition, which is to separate one room from another. However, of course there is a difference between a partition and a wall. The use of indoor partitions is more flexible. Because there are so many shapes and sizes, so you can choose according to your needs. In addition, the shape of the room partition tends to be slimmer than the wall so that it will make the room look wider. This room partition is also made of wood, so if you plan to change the interior arrangement of the house, this room partition tends to be easy to move.

Furniture Used


In dividing the space without wall partitions, the furniture used must be chosen properly. In this room there is a living room and a dining room without wall partitions. Through this furniture arrangement, the rooms can be distinguished. In the living room there is a sofa with an elongated shape, this sofa is stored parallel to the window and stairs. Then at the front of the sofa there is a small wooden round table. So that this table is not easily shifted and tends to stay in position, at the bottom of the table there is a carpet with a round shape. There is a distance between the lower stairs and the wooden cupboard used to store the TV, this makes the room divided between the living room and dining room. At the front of the wardrobe with an parallel position there is a dining table with two chairs. There is space between the dining table with the cupboard and refrigerator which are placed parallel to each other. With the furniture used, it becomes a partition between the dining room and the next room.

Use Wardrobe


Wardrobe as a storage area becomes one of the furniture that can also be used to divide the space between one another. Cabinet designs also have various shapes, colors and some are combined with drawers or shelves. Therefore, the use of cabinets as room dividers can be adjusted according to needs. The cupboard which is usually used as a bulkhead is made of wood, so when changing the interior of the room, it tends to be easy to move. Also use cabinet colors that match the paint of the room, so that it becomes a unit that is comfortable to look at.

Choose Open Shelf


Open shelves can also be used to replace the function of the wall as a partition between rooms. Shelf designs also have different shapes, sizes and materials. So it can be adapted to your needs. Usually these open shelves are made of iron material for the boxes and wood for the base or storage of goods. Apart from being a bulkhead, this open shelf can also be used as a storage area for several items such as books, potted plants and others. With a neat arrangement of items in open shelves makes the room comfortable to live in.

Those are some tips for dividing the space in the house without wall partitions. In addition to being able to make the room look wider, with some of these tips you can also make spending on building a house more efficient. Especially for people who tend to often change the interior of the house, if you use the wall as a bulkhead, of course it will require a large amount of money to carry out renovations.


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