These 6 Hanging Drop Ceiling Models Are Very Cool & Elegant

Drop suspended ceiling models - When building a house, you should not only focus on the exterior. The interior is also important to note. Because, other people will not only see the outside of your house. The inside of your house too, there will come a time they will be seen.

For example, at the time of religious holidays, usually there are neighbors, friends, or colleagues who come to visit. That is why the author says that the interior of the house is very important to pay attention to. Because anyone will definitely agree that an aesthetic and elegant home interior design will be able to increase the prestige of the host.

If the interior design of your home is so beautiful and comfortable for the guests who come, of course there will be a kind of feeling of shame and respect for you.

This is a necessity, because it has become the basic nature of every human being.

What's the reason?

Because usually people will tend to feel amazed at everything that looks cool.

Especially if something cool can also make them feel comfortable.

Hanging Drop Ceiling Model Ideas

Well, one of the interior elements of the house that has a big influence on the appearance of the room is the ceiling. See an example of one of the very beautiful living room ceiling models below.


So the selection of a ceiling model that matches the style of your home building (as a whole), will be able to create a very beautiful dwelling. Both in terms of exterior and interior.

So, of course you also want to have a house that looks attractive inside and out for others, right?

If so, then you can make it happen by choosing one of these 6 suspended drop ceiling models. Which later to be applied to your home.

Let's just look at the ceiling model.


1. Embossed Circle Model


The circle model is usually used for the living room, dining room or bedroom. There are 2 types of ceilings for this model, namely embossed circles and those with a sinking motif. The embossed circle motif is usually used to highlight only one corner of the room. For example, the middle corner only.

Where with this suspended drop ceiling with an embossed circle model, people in the room will focus on the items underneath. For example the dining table in the dining room, the bed in the bedroom and the sofa in the living room.

2. The Sinking Circle Model

Illustration. Photo by :

In contrast to the embossed circle motif, the suspended drop ceiling model with a sinking circle is usually used in rooms where large lamps are installed. This also applies to other forms of ceilings, which are designed to be fitted with this large lamp.

This ceiling model with a sinking motif also gives the impression of luxury and elegance. Especially if in the middle of the ceiling a large and luxurious lamp is installed. Like dangling crystal chandeliers or chandeliers made of ivory or acrylic.

3. Two Square Ceiling Model

Illustration. Photo by : Amazon

The two-square type is another ceiling model that can be used in making houses. This model is usually used because of the request of homeowners, who want an attractive ceiling shape and different from the others.

The shape of the two-square ceiling is adjusted to the shape of the lamp used. Usually, this two-square ceiling has a sinking pattern with small lights affixed to the edges of the ceiling. It is rare to see a chandelier mounted on a drop suspended ceiling of this model, as is generally installed on other ceiling forms.

4. Modern Ceiling Model

Illustration. Photo by :

The modern ceiling model is the result of innovation by interior designers, by combining modern elements in every detail of the ceiling. Shape and size are not so important here. Because the final result is the uniqueness of the type of ceiling installed.

In the use of modern ceilings, it is often seen that several forms of ceilings are inserted together. Whether it's a tray shape, circle or other shape. And also with various sizes. This type of ceiling is usually used in homes that adopt the concept of luxury and elegance.

5. Retro Model

Illustration. Photo by :

What is meant by a retro model is a hanging drop ceiling model in any shape, which is tailored to the wishes of the homeowner. Whether it's a triangle, circle or tray shape that is modified with other shapes.

The retro type is obtained from the use of lights that adorn the ceiling. Whether it's with lights that have different colors, or different shapes of lights. So that the room becomes more dim at night, when all the lights are on.

6. Minimalist/Tray Ceiling Model

Illustration. Photo by : Pinterest

This ceiling model is suitable for a minimalist home, with a model that is not too complicated. This type is also the most widely used suspended drop ceiling model in every home. Because the installation is fairly easy, and without using a lot of materials.

This tray-like ceiling is another name for this square-shaped ceiling model. The shape is simple, and does not require a lot of material. Making a suspended ceiling model with a tray / square shape is perfect for those who have a minimalist home, but want to look elegant.

Those are 6 hanging drop ceiling models that can be used to create the impression of an elegant home.

The ceiling models above are usually widely used in large and luxurious houses. But that does not mean, a small house cannot apply a ceiling with such a model.

Everyone is okay to apply the ceiling model as above in their respective homes. By using the right interior techniques, as well as choosing the right lights, a small room will seem more spacious and elegant.

Hopefully the information above is useful. Don't forget to stay tuned for the next interesting article!


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