These 5 Wall Hangings from Wool Yarn are Very Unique, Check it Out!

Wall decoration from wool yarn - Are you starting to feel bored with the walls of the house that always look plain? The walls of the house are plain (no decoration whatsoever) will indeed make the atmosphere of the house feel bland.

If the walls of the house are not decorated, it will certainly look monotonous. It is as if you are not at home, but trapped in a prison or isolation room. This is serious! hehe

Yup! You will feel bored over time. Especially if you continue to leave the condition of the house without any decoration. Even that bland and boring feeling not only you will feel it. The guests who come to your house too, will definitely feel the same way.

Of course this is not a good thing and should not be allowed to continue. Because the house should be the most comfortable and pleasant place, both for yourself and for others.

Surely you've heard the phrase "My Home, My Heaven" right?

So that expression means; The ideal home is one that can bring happiness to its owner. Both because of the harmony between fellow family members, as well as because the design of the house is very beautiful, so that it makes the residents feel at home.

Then, how to make an attractive home wall decoration?

One of the popular home wall decoration models is the one made of wool.

Wall Hanging from Wool Yarn

Yup! Try decorating your home using wall hangings from wool yarn. Gorgeous colors of wool yarn are perfect combined with plain walls of the house.

This wall decoration does not require a large capital / cost. You only need to buy wool yarn and some other materials that are relatively cheap. Your main capital is high creativity in making and designing this wall decoration.

Here are some examples of wall hangings from wool thread that you can use as reference and inspiration.

Let's just look at it, check it out!

1. Wall Clock Decoration

Illustration. Photo by :

“One oar, two, three islands passed” is a fitting phrase for this one-of-a-kind wool wall hanging. The reason is, not only beautifying the walls, this craft also conjures a clock that used to be ordinary to be beautiful.

Different colors of wool are knitted and joined together to form a single knitted fabric. When finished, the cloth is then glued to the wall clock frame. Although it takes a little time and skill to make, the results are stunning and pleasing to the eye. Everyone who saw it would be impressed.

2. Hanging Pom-Poms

Illustration. Photo by :

This round and furry object is sure to be often found both as clothing accessories, cell phone hangers, and even curtains. Its cute and adorable shape makes it suitable for use anywhere, including as wall decoration.

To make it, first prepare scissors, tree branches and several colors of woolen thread. Then, wind the wool thread around your fingers about 20 to 30 times. After that, tie it right in the middle and then cut the top and bottom ends to form a fluffy ball. Make as many as needed.

When you're done, cut out 4 strands of wool and tie a few pom-poms to each strand. Finally, tie a thread to a tree branch, then hang it on the wall. Easy isn't it?

3. Nail Art

Illustration. Photo by :

For those who can't knit or don't want to bother with knitting, you can try wall hangings like this. But before that, prepare tools and materials, namely hammers, small nails, wool threads of various colors, pencils and erasers.

Start by determining the pattern you want to make, or you can also follow the pattern as shown in the picture. Take a pencil and ruler, then draw a faint pattern so it doesn't leave marks when erased. After that, attach the nails following the pattern that has been made.

Erase the pencil marks, then start stringing the woolen thread. When assembling, make sure to wind all nails at least 3 turns so that the writing is clearly visible even from afar. Finally, just create a random pattern in the middle to fill the empty space as well as give a motif.

4. Hanging Tassel


Hanging wall decorations such as tassels never die, especially for lovers of bohemian style. Its unique shape and easy manufacture, make anyone can make it. To make it, first wind the woolen thread 25 times about 2.5 inches, then knot the ends so they don't come loose.

After each finished with one tassel, wind a 4 inch piece of yarn about 1.5 cm from the top and tie. Next, cut the ends that are not twisted. Repeat these steps until the number of tassels is sufficient. Finally, insert a long thread in the tassel hole, and hang it on the wall.

5. Artistic Alphabet

Illustration. Photo by :

If you are worried that the home sweet home decoration will damage the wall, this decoration is safer. First, the cardboard is cut to form letters or words. Then, each letter is glued and neatly wrapped using wool threads of different colors. As a finishing touch, a cute shaped flannel is attached to each letter.

Beautifying a room doesn't have to be expensive. With a little creativity and perseverance, anyone can make a wall hanging from wool. So, have you decided which one to try? ️


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