These 5 Room Lamp Decoration Ideas are Cool, Take a Peek!

Room light decor - Everyone wants a cool room design and decoration. Especially if the owner of the room is a teenager. They love to decorate their room to make it look more elegant and attractive. And among the young people, the ones who most like to design their rooms are usually young women.

But that does not mean the Adam does not like to design his room. Of course there are also young people who like to decorate their rooms, it's just that there are not as many as young women.

Well, if any of you want the room to be more attractive, then there are several designs that can be done. One of the elements of room decoration that has a big influence on the appearance is the lighting.

Illustration of a very beautiful room lamp light.

Yup! The right arrangement and decoration of room lights can conjure up the atmosphere of your room to be cooler.

But of course you have to understand how to arrange the right room arrangement. If you have the ability to get ideas and design interesting bedroom lighting designs, then please put them into practice.

But if you feel you haven't got the right idea, then you should look for the best bedroom lamp design reference. You can find references on the internet, one of which is through this article. ️

So, for those of you who haven't gotten the right bedroom light decor idea, let's look at the list below.

The author will explain in detail about some good bedroom lamp design ideas that you can imitate.


1. Stick the Lamp on the Wall Between Photos


If there are photos on the walls of the room, then try installing Tumblr lights between the gaps. Guaranteed in addition to the display looks more unique, the room also looks more serene especially at night.

Even the atmosphere of a room like this can increase the love of the couple who are lying there. The reason is, photos of combinations of lights in the room can open memories of the days before marriage or the time when they were dating.

Therefore, if you want a more beautiful and intimate household, don't forget to apply the lamp idea above. It is guaranteed that the couple feels at home so that the love between the two increases.

2. Put the Lamp in a Transparent Jar

Illustration. Photo by :

The second room light decoration idea is to place the lights in a transparent jar. This technique is actually very good to use in rooms that don't have enough space left.

For this idea, only 2-3 jars are needed with the ideal size not too big and not too small. After that, please insert the lamp into it and the jar can be attached to the wall or just placed next to the bed.

The most important thing is that the jar must be transparent white so that the light that comes out of the jar is really bright. But make sure to use a tumblr light so it's not too bright on the eyes.

3. Paste the Lamp Vertically


The third bedroom light decoration idea is to attach the lights vertically to the bedroom walls. This is also a good lamp decoration technique even though the results are dim lights.

Even so, this decorating idea can make the room more luxurious or luxurious. There is even a psychological joy in itself if you linger in a room with this kind of lamp decoration.

The impression is that a night's rest feels like being accompanied by flying fireflies. Guaranteed this kind of atmosphere can make sleep more comfortable and more soundly.

4. Decorative Lights Into Words

Illustration. Photo by :

If you want your room to seem more lively and luxurious, try the design of the lights on the walls into a series of words. Just choose a word that is short but has its own meaning such as love, honey, night and others.

So that this decoration idea can be made easily, please use a long tumblr lamp. So that the cable does not need to be cut which has the potential to cause a short circuit which is actually dangerous for the occupants.

If the lights are available then please make simple writing on the wall. You can use any font style, but make sure that when the lights are installed, the words can be read clearly.

5. Arrange the Lights on the Mirror


If in the room there is a mirror that is large enough, then it can be used to decorate the room lights. You do this by installing lights around the mirror or glass.

This decorating idea not only beautifies the decorative mirror but can also create a bright effect when dressing up. Therefore, please install a mirror as large as possible in the room and then pin a beautiful tumblr lamp on the side.

It is guaranteed that if the room lighting decoration technique is creative, the mirror looks more amazing. Even the impression does not want to stop decorating if you have used a mirror with this kind of lamp decoration.

Well, if you want to have a beautiful room, please apply the room light decoration ideas described above. Guaranteed rooms are more dim but romantic.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.


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