These 5 Gypsum Wall Decorations Are Recommended For You

Gypsum wall decoration - Maybe some of you are thinking about what decoration is most suitable for the walls of your home. Actually, there are quite a few types of wall decorations that you can choose from.

Examples include installing polaroid/photo frames, installing wallpaper, installing knick-knacks, and you can also make wall decorations that are homemade creations.

All the wall decoration options above I have written articles on this blog. You can read about it in the "Home Design" label/category. Well, there is one more type of wall decoration that I have not specifically reviewed. This wall decoration is no less interesting than all the options above.

What's that? Yup! Namely wall decoration of gypsum.

This gypsum wall decoration can be the best choice for you.

What is the reason?

Because gypsum has been known for a long time as a home decoration material. Gypsum is widely chosen because it is relatively easy to make and the material is quite durable. In addition, this gypsum wall decoration will also make the room look beautiful and luxurious. See an example below.


Gypsum is made from a kind of powder called casting. At first glance, the casting powder is similar to cement but the color is milky white. In addition to casting, gypsum is also made from roving which looks like long hair.

To make gypsum decorations, the casting powder must be given water until it looks like dough. Then prepare the mold according to the shape of the gypsum decoration you want. Just enter the casting mixture into the half of the mold. Furthermore, the roving was also inserted into the middle, and closed using casting dough again.

If it has hardened, then the mold can be removed. Furthermore, the gypsum decoration can be installed in any wall area you want.

Here are some examples of wall hangings from gypsum. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for your home wall decoration.

Let's continue to see, check!

1. Unique Ornament

Illustration. Photo by :

Confused about what decoration to give on the walls of the house? If you install photo frames or ordinary wooden displays, it must be too ordinary, right? There is nothing wrong with installing displays in the form of ornaments made of gypsum. As a living room wall decoration or living room gypsum wall decoration in the form of flowers looks good too.

Just look at the example in the image above. Ornaments from gypsum that are deliberately displayed as wall decorations can look very beautiful. To give a real impression, next to the wall decoration can be placed a vase with real flowers. Guaranteed the room will look unique and artistic.

2. TV stand

Illustration. Photo by :

Usually the TV is often placed on the table alone. This method of laying is quite ancient, especially when you think about it, it will take up a lot of space. Currently, minimalist homes are popular. The concept of a minimalist home is to use space as efficiently as possible. Because the average room in a minimalist home tends not to be too broad.

Placing the TV on the table will certainly make the room narrower. It's a good idea to install the TV in a position against the wall. So that it is not too stiff, a gypsum shelf decoration can be used. For example, as in the picture above, some of the empty space on the shelf can even be used for a place to store displays.

3. Wall Carving

Illustration. Photo by :

Walls that are very empty and plain are definitely less attractive to look at. However, if you install a photo frame, it is also too common. Giving a touch of wall carving from gypsum could be the best solution. The shape of the carving can also be adjusted as desired.

For example, to give a classic impression, you can make batik carvings. It can be seen in the picture, the plain wall is added with gypsum carvings so that it doesn't look too stiff. Plant lighting accessories can also be added. So at night, the lights can be turned on and they can appear to glow.

4. Scrapbooking Shelf

Illustration. Photo by :

For those who like to read, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right place to store books. Why not try making a wall hanging in the form of a bookshelf from gypsum instead. Indeed not many books that can be stored there. Just put the most favorite book.

To beautify the shelf, you can add a small flower pot to give a fresh impression. Besides that, toys or antique clocks can also be given to make it look more cheerful.

5. Unique Patch Lamp


Do you believe that gypsum wall hangings can even be made for decorative lights? Please just look at the example in the picture. Decorative wall lamps from gypsum will make the room more unique and attractive.

The lamp will be placed behind the gypsum decoration. Automatically when turned on, as if it will look like it glows. Lamp decorations like this are quite a hit now.

That was information about 5 examples of gypsum wall decoration. No need to be confused about choosing decorations to be installed on the walls of the room. Try installing gypsum decorations instead of photo frames that are commonly used.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you.


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