Space Saving Laundry Layout Ideas

When creating a space-saving laundry room, it is necessary to create a functional space. Smart interior design, usually prioritizing storage and organization. Therefore, a space-saving laundry arrangement idea is needed in order to offer a practical solution that reflects a well-organized small interior.

Have a Special Room


The idea of ​​structuring the first laundry room is to provide a special room as a laundry room. This laundry room does not need to have a large area, so it can use a minimalist concept. As in the picture, two washing machines are placed in the corner of the room parallel to each other. At the top of the washing machine there is a wall-mounted shelf for storage such as detergent. There are also several rattan baskets that are stored above the cupboard which can be used as a place for dirty or clean laundry. There is also a sink close to the washing machine, with the water faucet being used as a water source when washing clothes. So that the laundry room is not dark, you can use windows with clear glass to help with lighting during the day.

Equipped with Storage Place


If it is not possible to build a special laundry room, it can be combined with another room at the back of the house. Place the washing machine in the corner of the room. So that the overall room looks always neat, then avoid piling clothes. The space between these two washing machines can be used to create a small cupboard, as a place to store detergent. While the medium-sized cupboard attached to the wall above the washing machine can be used to store a bed containing clothes to be washed. Also provide wood with a small diameter that is connected to the cupboard as a place to store clothes hangers. This is done so that the hangers are not scattered anywhere, it also makes it easier to use.

Stacked Machines


If you have a washer and dryer in your home, this will increase the space needed. Therefore, good settings are needed so that these two washing machines do not take up a lot of space but can still be used easily. For example, by stacking washing machines as in the picture. Make sure to place these two washers well, so they don't fall, you can use wooden pallets. So that the two washing machines are as if they were put in an open cupboard. On the side can also be added several drawers that are used to store detergents.

In One Shelf


Shelves are often a solution as a storage area that can help save space. In the picture there is also a shelf with several boxes that are adjusted in size. In this rack there is a washing machine and several baskets to store laundry so it doesn't fall apart. At the top of the cupboard there is also a sink, the water faucet in this sink also functions as a source of water for washing. On the wall there is a mirror to give the impression of being spacious in the room. There are several wall mounted shelves that serve to store detergent and some towels.

Bathroom Interior


The laundry room can also be combined in the bathroom. In one corner of the bathroom can be stored a washing machine with a cupboard on the side. This cupboard can be used to store a basket containing dirty clothes, store detergents and some other toiletries so they don't fall apart. At the top there is also a wooden pallet with a sink equipped with a water faucet. There is a mirror to reflect after bathing and also to make the room look more spacious.

Take advantage of the back terrace of the house


The corner on the back porch of the house can also be used as a laundry room. In a room with an elongated shape, it can be used for a washing machine on the right and a clothesline on the left. Use a few shelves above and next to the washing machine for storage. Folding clothesline made of stainless is suitable for use in a space-saving laundry room. In this clothesline, you can use glass tiles so that clothes can be exposed to direct sunlight and also as lighting in the laundry room.

Some of these laundry room arrangement ideas can be used as a solution to save space. Even though the room is small, this arrangement idea can help create a laundry room with good lighting, an organized layout and not cluttered.


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