Small Living Room Ceiling Designs That You Can Try

Small living room ceiling design - For some people, the living room is a part of the house that is quite challenging to decorate as good as possible.

What is the reason?

Because the living room is the main part of a house. This means that this is where guests are first greeted and entertained. Especially during big holidays (such as Eid or other religious holidays) usually all relatives, relatives, and friends will be received in the living room.

Well, usually the assessment of the guests towards the host, is more or less influenced by how well the living room design in the house is.

Starting from the interior design of the living room which is so beautiful and beautiful to look at, it will certainly create a feeling of comfort for the guests who come.

And then there will be the impression that the host is a person who likes to glorify guests. This can be seen in the way to entertain guests and the layout of the room. Any reasonable person would be able to judge it.

In the end, if you are one of those people who like to glorify guests, surely those guests will also glorify you. Such is the unwritten law in society, namely that the reward will be according to the deed. So anyone who likes to do good to others, then others will surely respect him.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you design your living room as well as possible.

So that guests can feel comfortable, even at home visiting your home.

But sometimes there is one problem experienced by some people. That is, they are a little confused about how to design the interior design of their living room to make it look attractive, but the problem is that the living room is small.

Because the living room is small or tiny, so you can't put a lot of interior decorations (such as aquariums, storefronts containing collections, etc.) in the living room. Because if there are too many decorations, of course the living room will be increasingly narrow.

Then what is the solution?

Fortunately, we still have sense, so if it is not possible to decorate the lower interior decoration, then we can maximize the upper interior design.

The method?

Namely designing the ceiling design of the tiny living room. ️

Maybe there are some people who already know with this trick. But sometimes they install a ceiling motif that is only adjusted to the paint color of the room. Or install the ceiling with only the standard color, namely white. As a result, the living room still looks less attractive.

So, so that your living room can look attractive, let's look at some of the following tiny living room ceiling designs!


1. Unique Pattern Ceiling Motif

Illustration. Photo by :

This ceiling with a unique pattern-shaped motif is sure to be liked by many people. With a simple but elegant motif, it can certainly make your living room look more luxurious and beautiful.

Especially if you have a house with a very minimalist style. It will definitely fit.

Especially if it is added with hanging incandescent lamps, it is guaranteed to add to the perfection of the atmosphere of your living room. The combination of this ceiling, plus the existing supporting decorations, will create a warm and comfortable impression in the living room.

The empty center of the oladon will reflect the arrangement of the tables and chairs in the living room. The point is that this ceiling design choice is very appropriate for a minimalist-style living room.

2. Minimalist Wooden Ceiling

Illustration. Photo by : Decor.yazan (Instagram).

There is nothing wrong with using wood as one of the media for the ceiling of the house. With the use of this wood will add to the elegant impression of a house. Even when used for a very small living room though.

A room will still look spacious and also have a different atmosphere. With a minimalist ceiling made of wood, it will make the room beautiful.

Usually the installation of this ceiling will be combined with white concrete materials. This will increase the impression of luster, especially when it is accented with light. Warm yellow lighting can also make the living room more oriental style.

3. Elegant and Beautiful Step Ceiling Design


Using a terraced ceiling design in a small living room deserves to be an option. Although the living room is relatively small, by carrying this concept, the living room will seem more relaxed. With the impression of a light brown color, it makes the terrace design stand out.

This tiny living room ceiling design will be even more beautiful when it is given a hidden light. This is to add to the existing aesthetic value. And should not be fitted with a chandelier. The reason is that when a chandelier is installed, the terrace design will disappear and reduce the value of the existing beauty.

This design can make your living room look luxurious. So it is feasible to apply to your small living room.

4. Cool Wavy Design

Illustration. Photo by :

Anyone who sees this one ceiling design will certainly feel interested.

How come? A curve in the ceiling that will be the hallmark of this design is indeed very beautiful to look at. Especially with the addition of a yellow light that makes it warmer when you look at it. This design is given an indentation by forming a certain pattern.

Even though the living room is small, this design will not make the room feel cramped. This is especially supported by paint colors that match the existing walls. Make sure the existing lights are installed regularly so that the beauty of the ceiling is ideal.

5. Simple Square Ceiling Design

Illustration. Photo by :

If you want a luxurious impression but looks simple, then carrying this one design is perfect. A minimalist ceiling that can be applied in a small living room with an iconic wooden door. The existing room will feel honey and also have a rustic impression.

This design will display the beauty of the yellow and bright lights. Even though they are not the same, the presence of wood accents makes the combination of the two more beautiful.

Thus information about 5 ceiling designs for small living rooms. With some of these tiny living room ceiling designs, hopefully they can be an inspiration for you. Namely to create a comfortable living room.

Hopefully it can be useful, and see you again in the next interesting article.


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