Multifunctional Stair Design Inspiration for Minimalist Homes


When you have an area that is not too large, then one solution is to build a house in two floors. However, often the presence of stairs in the house actually creates new problems. Therefore, it is necessary to make a multifunctional ladder and a minimalist house so that you can build a house according to your needs. There are several multifunctional staircase designs to help meet the desired space needs in a minimalist home.

Stay Modern


The staircase built in this room connects from the family room to the second floor. Apart from being a connecting access between the two floors, the bottom of this staircase can also be put to good use. By placing a short cupboard as a place to store the TV and some decorations. With the design of the stairs and the use of the right furniture, the minimalist room looks modern.

Modern Bedroom


The staircase design used in this minimalist house is made of wood elements. With the bottom also added wood as a bed for the bedroom. The mattress used looks soft and comfortable, but can only accommodate one person. On the wall under the stairs also made a window with an elongated shape, also add a chandelier as lighting under the stairs. In addition to making the stairs of the house functional, the bedroom under the stairs is unique and still contemporary.

Cozy Lounge


In order for the stairs inside to be functional, the bottom of the stairs can be used as a relaxing room. At the bottom of this staircase, it is large enough to accommodate a bed with a cupboard for storage. Then also place the foam with an elongated shape. This area can be used to read your favorite book or just lay down. So that it is not dark, then add lights at the bottom of the stairs to make it a comfortable relaxing space.

Wardrobe With Wood Element


The stairs built in this minimalist house have a fairly small size. Even so, the bottom of the stairs can still be used as a storage cupboard. This wardrobe has several doors with shapes that match the empty area under the stairs. In this wardrobe there are also drawers and shelves that are covered with glass. The wood material used in the wardrobe makes it look elegant.

Kitchen Under the Stairs


In a minimalist home, you have to be creative in designing the interior to be able to have space according to your needs. Usually, in order to have a kitchen, you need a special room with a large enough area. However, now the kitchen can be built under the stairs, so the stairs are not only a way to access between floors. The built kitchen is also quite complete with cupboards and drawers as a place to store kitchen furniture and a sink. With the dominance of white used to make the kitchen look more spacious and clean.

Tiny Bathroom


The bottom of the stairs in a minimalist house can also be used to build a small bathroom. Although the bathroom does not have a large area, this bathroom is high enough so that it is comfortable to use. In addition, the bathroom is also quite complete with a mirror, sink, storage rack and toilet seat. When building a bathroom under this staircase, it is necessary to ensure that the water in the bathroom does not leave the room. Don't forget to use lights as lighting in the bathroom.

Building a ladder in a minimalist home should not be arbitrary. It is necessary to design the stairs optimally so that the stairs are not only access from the first floor to the second floor. But it has other functions, for example by utilizing the space at the bottom of the stairs so that the minimalist staircase becomes multifunctional.


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