Modern Container House Design Ideas


Containers are usually used as a place to store goods when making long deliveries. Currently, container houses have become a trend, by converting old containers into modern container houses. Therefore, there are several design ideas that can be used as references for those who are interested in making a modern container house.

Stay Current


This container house design uses two containers, which are stored in the front and back. Each of these containers has two floors built for several rooms. On the first floor of this container house there is a living room and kitchen. While on the second floor there is a bedroom. Use indoor lights for lighting, and use white paint in the room to make it look wider. This container is made of metal material, therefore it is necessary to modify some parts with clear glass. This is done so that the container house is not too stuffy. In addition, this container can also be repainted with trending colors such as soft green. With some of these modifications, the container house looks modern.

Add Wood Accent


This container house is built with two floors. There are two stacked containers, of different sizes. The container at the bottom is longer than the container at the top. Containers made of metal are susceptible to heat, therefore use wooden pallets in the design of a container house to make it look comfortable to live in. In addition, also add windows in some areas and parts of the door that use glass with wooden frames. As access from the first floor to the second floor, you can use the stairs. As a solution so that the stairs do not take up space, it is better if the stairs are built outside the room with a curved shape made of iron material.

Give it a bright color


The containers used in building the house are old shipping containers that were converted as a material reuse concept. Therefore, in order not to look outdated, the container should be painted using a bright color. Bright colors can also make a warm impression in the house. This container house is built with one container, with several windows that are large enough and glass doors to keep the temperature in the room from getting too hot. The roof terrace has a unique look with a canopy made of cloth. There are several chairs on this front porch as a place to relax. Stairs on the outside of the room that comes from iron material with a curved shape, as access to get to the top floor. At the top of the container a fence made of glass is built, with a large enough area so that it can be used to build the needed place.

Elegant Two Floors


The appearance of this container house is quite broad, therefore in this design the stairs that are built are indoors. Almost all parts of the container use wooden pallets. As lighting, so that the room remains comfortable, the front and back of the container use clear glass. There is a partition on the first floor that divides several rooms. On the left there are tables and chairs that can be used to chat with guests, while on the right there is a room to watch and a place to work. On the second floor there is a bedroom with a mattress large enough to rest. The interior of the room is dominated by white with lighting using lights. Overall, the combination of colors in the room and the furniture used makes this modern container house look elegant.

Artistic Design


By combining several containers, you can produce this two-story container house. The owner of this container house seems to pay attention to every exterior design used. On the outside, it looks like a roof has been built with a quite unique appearance, using wooden planks. There is also an outdoor staircase built using wood. At the front of the roof is also built a garden with chandeliers as lighting. Overall the walls of the container are built with wooden pallets and clear glass. The combination of wood accents and gray color on the exterior creates an artistic design for this container house.

Use Clear Glass


This house was built using one container where almost all the metal material of the container was replaced with clear glass. The clear glass used is windows and doors. This is done so that the room is not hot because of the metal in the container. In addition, large windows are often used in homes so that light can enter the room during the day and make the room look wider. This container house is also built with a canopy for the terrace with pallets. This makes the container house design look modern.

For people who want to own a house but are constrained by their budget, this container house design idea can be a solution. This is because building a container house is relatively cheap, compared to making a house in general with quite expensive materials. However, these crates tend to be difficult to renovate. Therefore, make sure to choose a design that is sure and comfortable to live in.


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