How to Arrange a Simple Home Page to Look Attractive

How to arrange a simple home page - Sometimes there are some people who feel less confident with a simple home page (read: narrow). Even though a simple home page can be transformed into a more attractive and tidy house. But that can only be realized on one condition; there must be high creativity from the host itself.

So the owner of the house must try to design and arrange his yard in such a way. So that it can create a home page that is beautiful and beautiful to the eye.

How to Arrange a Simple Home Page to Look Attractive

To turn a simple home page into something special, it's actually not that difficult. You just need to do a few tricks and certain ways.

How to?

Here are some simple home page layouts that you can emulate.

Let's see the review to the end.


1. Decorate the Corner of the House with a Small Pond and Plants

The first way to arrange a home page is to make a small pond and put some plants in the corner of the yard. Plants here can be green or colorful, can be adjusted to taste. But it is more advisable to choose only one color, to make it look more presentable and organized. Choose plants that are quite tall and medium in size.

Place these plants in the corners of the yard, preferably in a corner parallel to the entrance. So the home page will look fresher and livelier. Do not put too many plants, because the yard will look dirty and crowded. In addition, too many plants can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While the existence of a small pool will make the atmosphere of your home page look beautiful. If you can try to make a small fountain. So that it will cause the sound of gurgling water which will certainly make the atmosphere in front of your house more calm and comfortable.

See the photo illustration below.

Illustration. Photo by :

2. Decorate with Flowers

The second way to arrange the home page is to put some flowers as decoration. Just like plants, the function of flowers here is to make the page look more beautiful and attractive. Try to choose one type of flower with a maximum of 2 different colors, so that the home page does not look messy and more organized. See an example below.

Illustration. Photo by :

One type of flower that is suitable for a simple home page is a rose. The beauty of roses can make the appearance of the home page more attractive and beautiful. So that the flowers do not pile up, you can use a plant rack. With a plant rack, the flowers will look more cute and beautiful.

3. Utilize Hanging Pots

The third simple way to arrange a home page is to use hanging pots. This hanging pot can be an alternative so that plants do not pile up. Put some hanging pots in the yard or on the terrace of the house.

Pay attention to the distance between the hanging pots. Don't put it too close, because it actually looks ugly (it looks like it's piling up). Ideally, leave a distance of about one cubit, not too tight and not too far apart. See an example in the photo below.

It's even better if you use a mini or small hanging pot, because it will look more cute and adorable. This hanging pot can be used to grow flowers and plants of small to medium size.

4. Place a Special Courtyard Table and Chairs

The fourth way to organize a simple home page is to put a special table and chairs for the yard. Place two chairs and a table in the middle. Choose tables and chairs with a minimalist shape and long legs. The color can be adjusted according to individual tastes, but it is better to use basic colors such as black or white.

See an example illustration below.

Place this table and chairs right next to the entrance. Apart from being a sweetener, these tables and chairs are also useful for seating guests. Tables and chairs in the courtyard are also very suitable for use when relaxing in the morning and evening.

5. Make sure the page is always clean

The last way to make a simple page look more attractive and tidy is to make sure the page is always clean. Dirty pages are certainly not pleasing to the eye and look unattractive. So to create the impression of an attractive page, make sure that the page is always clean.

So that the page is always clean, of course the host must be diligent in sweeping the page. If you can sweep every day, of course that's much better. So that the yard is always clean of trash and fallen tree leaves.

See the illustration below.


A clean page can look very attractive, even if it is not given any decoration. So it would be a waste to use a lot of decorations, but the page is dirty and not cleaned.

Those were some ways to organize a simple home page to make it look more attractive and neat. The home page can be the first impression of someone who lives in the house. So make the page attractive and neat. to have a good impression.

Hopefully the short article above can be useful for all of you. See you again in the next interesting article.


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