How to Arrange Flower Pots on a Simple Home Terrace

How to arrange a flower pot on a simple terrace - Do you have a simple terrace or not wide? So you feel confused about how to arrange the terrace of the house?

Maybe sometimes there is a desire in your heart to have a house like your neighbor's with a large and spacious yard. So it looks so luxurious, beautiful and attractive. "How do you really want to have a house like that?" That's what your heart whispers. Hehehe

There is one thing that needs to be straightened out first. That the appearance of a beautiful and attractive house is not always synonymous with a spacious and magnificent terrace or yard.

It is true, if God has blessed us with excess sustenance (read: rich people), so that we can have a big house with a large yard, then of course it is more complete. Everyone would want to be like that too. Isn't that right? 😊

But in reality people's fate is different. There are people who are destined to be rich, so they can have a big house with a large yard. But there are also people who are destined to be ordinary people with simple homes.

Well, for those who only have a simple house with a small yard and terrace, there is no need to be sad. Because you can still juggle a simple terrace that looks beautiful and attractive. For example, like the photo illustration below.

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Then, how?

How to arrange a flower pot on the terrace of a simple house

Yup! Making the house more beautiful does not have to have a luxury home. Even a simple house can be transformed into a more beautiful one (as long as you can arrange it). If you have a simple house, you can still beautify it. Namely by decorating the house with a variety of beautiful flower pots.

So even though your terrace and yard are small, it will still be beautiful to the eye.

So, the most important thing is the right technique and way of arranging. So that harmony can be created between the terrace of the house with various flower pots that are neatly arranged. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to arrange flower pots on the terrace of this simple house.

But the problem is; sometimes simple home owners often do not know how to arrange pots properly and correctly. To help them, here are some ways to beautify a simple home terrace using beautiful flower pots.


1. Using hanging pots


If the terrace of the house is narrow, it can be used by using hanging pots. Especially if the pot is planted with beautiful vines, when the flowers bloom, it can certainly beautify the appearance of the house.

2. Using Wall pots

Illustration. Photo by :

Try to make the house cool by using the living garden concept, namely the use of vertical pots mounted on the walls of the house. The use of this pot will not take up much space on a narrow terrace. In addition, the house will become more alive.

3. All-White Pot

Illustration. Photo by :

The white color in the house can make the house look wider. Therefore, the use of white pots can make the terrace wider. Besides the arrangement of pots for the terrace, a color scheme is also highly recommended as a way to arrange flower pots on a simple terrace.

4. Utilizing the Corner of the House to Create a Garden

Illustration. Photo by :

There will always be a corner of the house on the terrace of the house. In general, the corner of the house is left empty. Now you can use the corner of the house as a place to store flower pots. By placing various types of flower pots in the corner of the house, you can make it like a beautiful flower garden in the corner of the house.

5. Using Shelves to Arrange the Pots


How to arrange flower pots on the terrace of the house is simple, you can use an unused plate rack to be made as a medium for storing pots. If you want to be more creative, you can make your own shelf and its size can be adjusted to the size of the terrace. Usually the shelves are made of wooden boards.

6. Put the Pot on the Path or Stairway to the House


Some homeowners like to make a path leading to the house. Artificial paths are usually made of coral stone and river stone which can be purchased at ornamental plant shops. To beautify the path to the terrace of the house, it can be used as a pot storage medium.

In addition to the path, you can also put flower pots on the left and right side of the stairs leading to the house (see photo above). Some houses are often equipped with a small staircase leading to the door. Now the stairs can be used to put flower pots. Thus, the house becomes more beautiful, because the steps are decorated with colorful flowers.

7. Putting the Pot in the Outdoor Terrace Area


If you have a little excess land outside the terrace area of ​​the house, it can be used to place flower pots. So it will not take up too much space on the terrace. How to arrange flower pots on the terrace of this simple house can be tried so that the terrace remains beautiful and airy because it does not use the terrace too much.

How to arrange flower pots on the terrace of the house is simple, you don't have to focus on the narrow terrace. Utilizing the land around the house can also make the house more beautiful by arranging it using the flower pot. Thus, the house will look more spacious and attractive, and has a high aesthetic value.

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you and see you again in the next article.


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