Cool Living Room Design Ideas


The living room is the room that will be the first place when people come to visit your house. Therefore, do not neglect interior design. There are several cool living room design ideas that can be used as a reference. Let's look at the following explanation.

Stay Minimalist


A cool living room design does not have to be made in a room with a large area. Although minimalist, a cool living room can still be realized. Choose wall paint with white color with large windows, so that the room is not crowded and provides natural lighting during the day. With this bright living room, it will make the room look spacious. Choose a sofa with a white letter L and a single green sofa without sleeves. There is a round table in the middle made of wood for the top and iron for the legs. As lighting at night, this living room uses a chandelier and a table lamp that is stored next to the sofa. Not much wall decoration, just a picture of a medium-sized penguin in the center of the room. The color used in the furniture is dominated by white with some green, gray and brown accents that are in harmony.

Balance Color


In building a cool living room, you can use soft bright colors that are balanced in the design used. As in this living room, choose a gray sofa with several sofa cushions of the same color and some are green and mustard. On the sofa there is a carpet with a light brown rhombus motif. The table that is stored on this carpet has a round shape made of woven rattan. The four legs of the table are made of iron with a curved shape, making this guest table look unique. There is also a brown pot in the corner of the plant that contains ornamental plants. There is a window with a curved shape at the top which is not too big in size. This window is also filled with a small ornamental plant pot. This brings out the natural side of the room. The wall paint used in the room is danta-colored to balance it with the color accents that appear in the furniture used. As for the walls so that they are not too plain, several frames can be installed.

Use the Bohemian Concept


The bohemian concept used can make the living room look cool. This is because there are several design touches that highlight the aesthetics of the furniture. The sofa does have the usual shape and size, with sofa cushions that have a polka dot pattern. On this sofa there is also a bohemian fabric that displays an interesting artistic side. Some of the items used in the living room are also interesting. Like a plant pot made of woven rattan, which is placed next to the sofa. There are two lamps that are stored on the right and left of the sofa, the lid and the lamppost are brown wood. At the front of the sofa there is also a stretch of patterned fluffy carpet and two single sofas. The ceramic parts used are wood-patterned with white wall paint, giving the room a warm side.

Aesthetic Look


A cool living room can be made with an aesthetic appearance. The walls in this guest house have white paint with floral wallpaper pasted on them. The sofa used is elongated with a table that has a fairly high table leg with a rectangular container at the top. There is also a small flower vase on the table. On the back wall there is a mirror with a wide shape as the center of the room, in order to create a broad impression in the room. On the side of the chair there is a wall mounted shelf as a place for several small fake ornamental plant pots. With the fake windows and faux fireplaces which are also used to store some flower vases, it makes the living room look cool.

Choose a Rustic Theme


The rustic theme can also be an option in designing a cool living room. The rustic theme is usually identical to the wood material used in room furniture. This living room has two types of chairs. An elongated gray chair with soft and soft material, as well as two single chairs made of woven rattan with a sofa cushion. There is a carpet in the middle of the chair on which there is a table made of wood. The cupboard that is stored near the chair is also made of wood with an ancient design. In the corner of the room there are also ornamental plants in pots that are high enough to give a natural impression to the living room. Although using a rustic theme, it doesn't mean the living room has to look old-fashioned. With some contemporary touches, such as the use of chandeliers and patterned frames attached to the walls, the living room looks cool.

Bring out the Unique


This living room has a sofa with a small size, can only accommodate two people. The sofa with brown color and the part on the plaid pattern, with four plain brown seat cushions and abstract motifs make it look attractive. There are several ornamental plants in pots that are stored on the side of the sofa giving a natural impression in the room. The unique thing about this living room is that there are two round guest tables with two table legs of different heights. In addition, what makes the living room look cool is the uniqueness of the wall decoration. There are shelves to store several small ornamental plant pots, square and circle frames and love shapes in the living room.

As the first room visited by people who come to the house, then make sure to create a cool space that still fits your needs and badge. For those of you who want to design a small living room, then some of these cool living room design ideas can be your inspiration.


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