8 Unique Simple Minimalist Room Decoration Ideas, Check It Out!

Simple minimalist room decor - Everyone wants a comfortable room to live in. Ideally, (if possible) the room is spacious, so the feel feels spacious. For example, the size of the room is 4 x 6 square meters. Surely everyone wants to have a big room like that, right? Certainly yes. ️

Because if you have a large room size, you will get many conveniences. One of the conveniences is; You can place some furniture in the room. In addition, because the room is large, you don't have to worry too much about arranging and arranging the furniture.

Therefore, for those of you who have a spacious room size, then you should be grateful. Because not everyone is not as lucky as you. The reality is that there are still many Indonesian people who have small rooms. In fact, most Indonesian people's room sizes are on average 3x3 meters.

Then, do those who only have small rooms have to be sad? Because if the room is only 3 x 3 meters, of course it can't fit a lot of furniture.

Well,,, if you only have a small room, then there is really no need to be sad. Even if the room is not spacious enough to contain a lot of furniture, you can actually outsmart it by making a minimalist style room design (simple and simple).

Simple Minimalist Room Decoration

So you can adopt a minimalist room style that is minimal in decoration and furniture. So that even though your room is small, it still looks elegant, spacious, and comfortable to live in.

Well, if you need references and examples of simple minimalist room decor, let's look at the following description.


1. Nature Scenery Theme


If you want to get a natural landscape theme, you don't have to be in the middle of nature. Hey, yeah, that's the time. ️

Because you can use natural wallpaper placed on the walls of the room near the bed. This unique but simple idea can be added with supporting accessories such as a bedroom lamp hanging above the bed and placing an alarm clock on the table.

2. Shades of Black and White


 The basic colors, namely black and white, are most widely used in bedrooms. This gives an elegant impression combined with items that have white elements such as carved beds and wall shelves. Unique decorations can be added with a wide bedroom window with large white curtains installed, which certainly looks clean.

3. Wood Theme


Wood elements are suitable as a reference for simple and unique minimalist room decor ideas so that they are easy to use for anyone. The nuances in the wood elements create an airy space. Then you can also add furniture such as wall shelves, walls and cabinets that are white, which look suitable to be combined with wood elements.

4. Minimalist Painting

Illustration. Photo by : Todayselection.com

If you don't want a plain colored room, you can add a color gradation painting. It also goes well with a batik patterned pillowcase and colored or striped blanket.

Parts of the wall can be embedded with various properties such as hats, statues and others. Of course, don't put a lot of stuff in the room, just choose the furniture you need.

5. European Style in the Bedroom

Illustration. Photo by : Griya Furniture

The European-style theme is the right choice for a minimalist room decor reference. Coupled with the window facing the mattress so that the amount of light entering the room comes alive.

Place properties such as a nightstand near the window and a bedroom bench placed at the foot of the bed which functions as a comfortable place to sit.

6. Geometric Room Wall Design

Illustration. Photo by : Dekorrumah.net

If you have a narrow room, you don't need to worry, try it with a geometric wall theme. With interesting geometric lines can be applied to the background of the bed.

Choose a combination of soft, dark and white colors to make the room more colorful even though there are not many properties around the main furniture. Add lights on the side wall of the mattress to make it look aesthetic.

7. Hotel Style


If the room is elongated, try also the design and layout is made similar to a hotel room that is usually visited on vacation. The top of the bed is pinned with a round lamp or a fan if you don't want to use the air conditioner. Can add a table and chairs near the window that is used to see the scenery.

8. Hobbyist Design


Many do not know that designs that stand out according to hobbies can be applied to the bedroom. For example, football fans can add a blanket with the motif of their favorite soccer player group.

Also install curtains of the same color as the blanket. Then place your favorite knick-knacks such as small balls and an alarm clock on the table near the bed.

Those are some simple and unique minimalist room decor ideas that have been described as references.

You don't need to refer too much to this article, just use it as a reference for comparison. The final choice will depend on your individual tastes. Because of course everyone has different interests and tastes.

Hopefully it can help you in choosing which design is most suitable for the needs and conditions of your room. See you again in the next interesting article.


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