5 Ways to Decorate Aesthetic Washrooms that You Can Try

Aesthetic small room decor - Who doesn't want their room to look beautiful? Especially for people who love to take pictures. Perhaps the question will arise: "What does it really have to do with people who like to take pictures with their rooms?"

Here's the explanation: So people who like to take pictures don't just use open spaces (tourist spots such as beaches, mountains, etc.) for their photo backgrounds. Many of them use their own room as a medium/place/background for their photos.

Aesthetic Washroom Decoration

They usually love to experiment and design aesthetic small room decorations, so that the appearance of the room looks unique. Later the room can be used as a photo background, then the results are uploaded to Instagram. Or it could be used as a private studio (to create Youtube video content).

However, to decorate a small room to be unique and attractive, of course this is quite a challenge. It needs proper design planning and decoration arrangement, so that the results are satisfactory. This is very important to note. Because if you design the wrong design and choose decorations, then the result can make your room look cramped and messy.

Maybe you will ask:

"Then, actually what are the factors that can make a small room look aesthetically pleasing (beautiful, unique and attractive)? And what is the most appropriate way to decorate an aesthetic restroom?"

Come on, find the answer below.


1. Choose Multifunctional Furniture

Illustration. Photo by : E-back-japan.com

In order to maximize the space for aesthetic restroom decor, choose multifunctional furniture such as the cabinet in the picture. Here, the cabinet serves as a place to store things as well as lift the bed some people feel comfortable with a bed that is a little high.

Furniture that can perform two functions at once will save space and provide more space for expression. Even with more creativity, the furniture can be decorated to add to the aesthetic value of the bedroom. For example, painting it with an ombre color and changing furniture knobs.

2. Add Wall Decoration


The existence of wall hangings in the form of plants in the room will make the atmosphere more lively and beautiful. The bright colors provide a fresh view in the bedroom which is dominated by white. In addition, plants are also good for cleaning the air in the room. Even so, if you don't want to be bothered with caring for it, use plastic plants instead.

For small rooms, you should choose plants that spread and then place them on walls, shelves, or roofs. That way, there is no need to add a pot that will take up space. You can also use small plants such as succulents or cacti that are kept on a table or near a window.

3. Take advantage of the large mirror


The mirror is a crucial item for aesthetic restroom decor. This is because mirrors can reflect light and “duplicate” visuals so that the room will feel more spacious. To make a small room feel more spacious, use a large mirror.

One large mirror is enough to maximize its function. Next, just add tumblr lights around it for an eye-catching look. When placing a mirror, point it at a decoration such as a painting or plant to make it look more attractive.

4. Use a Fluffy Carpet

Illustration. Photo by : Assets.thehansindia.com

As previously mentioned, bedrooms should be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, and fluffy rugs have both. Carpets with fluffy fur will make the room look pleasant. In addition, setting foot on a soft and warm surface is definitely much more comfortable than a cold, hard surface like the floor.

Another function of the carpet is to provide an attractive visual appearance to the room because of its different texture from the surroundings. So, when entering the room, people will ignore the small size of the room because it is focused on its comfort.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting


Without light, aesthetic small room decor will not look its beauty. So, make sure the room gets enough light both during the day and at night. In addition, also use an aesthetic lampshade. For example, as in the picture above, it is very powerful to enhance the beauty of the room.

Or you can also install shade lights like in the photo below.


This lamp shade is made using used cardboard that is cut into pentagons in small to large sizes. After that, the pieces are glued to each other to form a ball.

Those are some ways to decorate an aesthetic restroom that can be applied. So, have you decided which one you want to implement? Or do you want to apply all of them instead? Of course it's all up to you. ️

Whatever it is, you should choose a decoration that fits your budget and doesn't interfere with your comfort while in the room. However, comfort remains the top priority.

Hopefully this short article can be useful for all of you.


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