5 Examples of Homemade Living Room Wall Decorations

Homemade living room wall decoration - The living room is the most appropriate place to highlight the beauty of the house and social status. Because the living room is the area of ​​the house that is most often seen by others. This is usually very closely related to the element of prestige (prestige). That's why there are some people who can afford to buy a glass display case, then display all their valuable collections in the living room.

There are people displaying various collections of gundams, hot wheels, die cast metal, and various other rare and expensive toys in the living room. There are also people who like to display various knick-knacks and antiques (rare) which are no less expensive. Etc.

The above method is commonly used by people from the upper middle class. Then what about people whose social status is mediocre? Can you also design a beautiful and attractive living room design?

The answer is of course you can!

Because to beautify the living room does not have to highlight luxury. You can still create a unique, simple, but elegant living room design.

How to?

That is by installing a homemade living room wall decoration.

Illustration. Photo by : Idekunik.com

Because the wall decoration is homemade, so your living room looks very unique. Because the decoration does not exist anywhere, except in your home.

This wall decoration does not take up much space. So it is suitable to be installed in all sizes of living rooms.

Well, here are some examples of living room wall decorations that you can make yourself.

Hopefully this information can be a source of reference and an inspiration for you.

Let's just take a look. Checkidot!

1. 3D Heart

Illustration. Photo by : Thewilddecoelis.com

Usually heart-shaped paper wall decorations are made in 2 dimensions. However, with a slight modification to the manufacturing process, the heart-shaped wall decoration can turn into 3 dimensions. The tools and materials needed in this process are colored wrapping paper or HVS, scissors, pencils, and glue.

First spread the paper, then draw a heart shape of various sizes. Then, cut out all the pictures according to the pattern neatly. When you're done, cut the cleavage toward the center, then fold the paper back slightly and glue it. This will make the paper look bloated and create a 3D effect. Finally, stick it on the wall.

2. Flowers from Toilet Tissue Rolls

Illustration. Photo by : Jillienedesigns.blogspot.com

Have you ever thought about turning toilet paper into a stunning masterpiece on the living room wall? With a little effort and creativity, these tubular scrolls can be assembled into a variety of decorations, including flowers.

To make this wall hanging, first collect as many scrolls as needed. After that, flatten all the rolls and cut them 2 cm wide. Glue the cut ends to each other to form a flower. Finally, paste and arrange the paper flowers on the wall. To make the flower more beautiful, paint the pieces in various colors.

3. Decoration from Washi Tape


At first glance this wall decoration looks like a mural or painting. However, who would have thought that the beautiful pattern in the shape of the mountains was made using Japanese tape called Washi. This tape has a variety of colors and patterns, making it suitable for decoration.

First, a pattern of mountains is drawn on the wall using a pencil. Then, the tape is cut and pasted according to the pattern. When gluing it, make sure the tape covers the pattern lines. If you don't have washi tape, black tape, which is often used for wires and paper, can also be an alternative.

4. Instagramable Wings

Illustration. Photo by : Blog.moonberry.com

Illustration. Photo by : Blog.moonberry.com

Instead of making small origami that takes a lot of time and effort, it's better to make wings like this. If made in large size, this homemade living room wall hanging can be a good spot for taking pictures. The cool language is really instagramable.

It requires quite a lot of origami paper to make, but if you don't have one, you can use plain paper cut into squares. The important thing is that the paper used is flexible and easy to fold. Then, fold the paper as in the picture, then arrange it on the wall.

5. Frosting Sticks

Illustration. Photo by : Makeanddocrew.com

It's no secret that ice sticks are versatile. Starting from furniture to accessories can be made. This wall decoration is a simple work of ice sticks that can be made to beautify the living room. It's also very easy to make.

Ice sticks are first painted and then dried to give color variants to the walls later. After drying, the ice sticks are assembled and glued to form a heart pattern. Besides hearts, there are many other patterns you can make, such as hexagons, triangles, and even abstract patterns. When finished, attach it to the wall using glue.

That's wall decoration that can be practiced at home. How? Although the examples above are homemade living room wall decorations, they look no less attractive than luxury items, right?

Good luck! ️


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