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Unique Retro Cafe Inspiration A la Retrorika Coffee Bar and Resto

  Source: Instagram As the era of the Instagramable cafe business developed, it became an interesting opportunity to try. Applying the right interior design style is also an important factor so that the cafe is crowded with visitors. One of the interior styles that are currently popular is the retro style, which is repeating styles that have been trending in the past and can create a nostalgic impression. We can find this design style at Retrorika Coffee Bar & Resto located in Bumiaji Village, Batu Wisata City. Let's see what we can take from the interior of this cafe. Unique Wall Finish Personal Source When entering this cafe, visitors are presented with a unique wall appearance, namely by utilizing used windows and doors that are assembled into a wall. Recycling is a good choice to create a retro and nostalgic feel. It can be seen from the paint on the doors and windows that are left looking worn. Laying furniture that is not monotonous Source: Personal The dynamic furniture