Is Light Steel Roof Frame Prone to Electric Shock?

Is Light Steel Roof Frame Prone to Electric Shock? 

In latest years, slight metal has emerge as a very gorgeous constructing material, whether or not it is used as a roof frame, wall, ceiling, and so on.

Its reputation is due to the mild metal body has many advantages. Such as rust-resistant, fire-resistant, sturdy, effortless to install, and plenty more.

However, there may additionally nevertheless be questions in the minds of all of the Architect's friends, are mild metal frames inclined to electrical energy to endanger lives? Moreover, some time in the past there used to be information about people who died from being electrocuted whilst repairing the electricity community in structures with mild metal construction.

So, is it authentic that moderate metal is no longer secure for residence construction? Before speculating further, you have to reflect onconsideration on the critiques below.
Mild Steel Properties

Like different sorts of steel, moderate metal is a conductor of electricity. This capability that this cloth is in a position to habits electrical energy well.

Due to the nature of slight steel, it is no longer stunning that this fabric is frequently accused of being risky for constructing construction. Moreover, there have been casualties.

Even although the threat of electric powered shock can sincerely manifest from any development material. Even wood. Especially when wet, timber can additionally be a true conductor of electricity.

Actually, it is no longer the fault of the moderate metal material, however an error at some point of the set up of electrical installations that leaked and many uncovered wires, so that any person should be electrocuted to death.

As lengthy as the electrical set up is true established in accordance to the procedure, the light-weight metal roof is assured to be secure from electric powered shock even if it is touched immediately by using hand.
Tips to Prevent Electric Shock from Mild Steel Frame

In order to forestall electrocution when repairing moderate metal construction, there are a few guidelines that you want to do. Including the following.

1. Laying Electrical Installation

One of the prevention of electric powered shock is to think about the function of the electrical installation. Never permit cables to come into direct contact with the slight metal frame.

Instead, strive to mount or connect it at once to the wall. In addition, if you have to, make it a role so that it hangs with a plastic rope and do now not use wire.

2. Cable Wrapping

Wires uncovered to a number elements together with rat bites amplify the threat of electric powered shock. Especially if the electric powered contemporary comes into contact with metals such as moderate steel. That is why, you want to use PVC type conduit pipe to wrap the cables that go between the steel frames.

Basically, the feature of this kind of pipe itself is to guard the cable set up in the building, to be secure and now not without problems peeled off due to the bites of rodents such as mice, cockroaches, etc. So that the internal of the cable is now not touched immediately by using humans.

The preference of cable wrapping should additionally be considered, the wrapping pipe should be of suitable fantastic and labeled with SNI so that it is no longer effortlessly damaged. In addition, you additionally want to select a cable with an SNI label to make it safer even although the fee is a little expensive.

3. Use of T-Dus Pipe

In addition to defending cables the use of conduit pipes, cable connections additionally want to be blanketed so that they are now not effortlessly touched by means of humans.

In this case, you can use a t-dus block to cover the cable connection. Choose first-class substances and labeled with SNI to be safer.

4. Electrical Circuit Breaker

The subsequent way to forestall electric powered shock from the moderate metal body is to installation an electrical circuit breaker.

The feature of this device is to cease the go with the flow of electricity. Especially when the circuit breaker detects a present day flowing via electrically conducting objects such as slight steel.

When the incident occurs, the electric powered circuit breaker can right away work to reduce off the electricity, for that reason stopping the pal from being electrocuted.

5. Use of Electric Fuse

Basically, a fuse or fuse is a machine that serves to furnish circuit safety due to overload, which includes quick circuits.

When a quick circuit occurs, in the presence of an electric powered fuse, the broken circuit will be disconnected routinely with the aid of extinguishing it. So that the threat of brief circuit and fireplace can be avoided.

Considering that this device can solely be used as soon as for every operation due to the fact it is self-destructive, it wants to be changed after use.

6. Turn Off/Disconnect Power

When you favor to restore an electrical installation, it is satisfactory to reduce off electrical energy so that you do not get electrocuted. Friends can eliminate the fuse or MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) at home.

If the electrical set up meets the requirements, it will absolutely now not be a hassle to elevate out electrical repairs on constructions with mild metal frames. However, be cautious and make certain no wires are touched when beginning work.

7. Mild Steel Quality

Not solely electrical installations that ought to meet the requirements. According to the Chairman of the Indonesian Roll Former Association (ARFI), the desire of slight metal fabric have to additionally be considered. Mild metal fabric ought to be correct. This capacity that the great of the fabric ought to meet the standards, be labeled with SNI, or even have a guarantee.

8. Mild Steelwork Experience

Installation and workmanship of slight metal ought to be right in accordance to procedures. Support from licensed and skilled mild metal craftsmen to construct development earlier than putting in electrical installations in this case is very necessary.

As is known, the graph of slight metal is exceptional from wood. Therefore, the set up ought to be carried out cautiously and the calculations should be right so that it does now not cave in or purpose different hazards.


Basically, slight metal body is a conductor or is a pretty proper conductor of electricity. There is a threat of being electrocuted. But it is no longer the moderate steel, however the electrical set up that may additionally now not be up to standard.

To forestall electrocution when going to restore electrical energy on moderate metal construction, there are various matters that want to be considered.

Among them are about the place of electrical installations, the use of cable wrapping, t-dus pipe for cable connections, fuses, circuit breakers, disconnecting electric powered currents, to selecting best moderate metal substances and choosing licensed moderate metal builders.

So this article, optimistically it can be beneficial and add perception to all of you.


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