3 best places to store furniture?

What is the best place to store furniture ?

If you are about to move or simply lack space in your house, you may wonder what are the best places to store furniture. What is the secret to storing your furniture in an amazing way? The Safe Storage Co., a company that offers warehouse rental services in Lima, gives you some useful tips.

It is true that in your garage you can store things of all sizes. However, the best place to store furniture, ultimately, is a temporary warehouse.
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The Safe Storage Co. offers a variety of warehouses of all sizes for you to store everything from the smallest to the largest. They will be kept completely safe in our cellars, as we have a humidity control system.

In other words, we control the humidity and temperature by means of a specialized dehumidifier, in such a way that all the air that enters our building is dried and treated.

Next, we show you the types of storage warehouses that we have available:

Safe Keeper: its area is similar to half a closet. You can store small things that take away space and freedom: suitcases, silverware, books, valuables, documents, among others.

Guardian: its area is similar to a walking closet. Conserve your business inventory, expand your art collection, or store out-of-season clothing, antiques, sporting goods, household items, even motorcycles!

Vigilant - Its area is similar to a room. It is ideal for those who are moving from home or office. Keep your company merchandise or files, desks, large furniture, office supplies or those private collections that are worth gold.

Protective: its area is similar to a living room. It is a great warehouse for your business or your home. It is ideal for marketing materials, furniture sets, white goods, inventory, large files, etc.

Now that you know which is the best storage place, we will give you some tips to keep your objects in optimal conditions in a storage room for furniture:

1. Clean everything thoroughly

3 best places to store furniture?

If you want to protect your furniture in a storage unit, never put dirty objects inside. Clean them to remove mold and dust buildup in your cellar. In this way, any type of unpleasant odor will not reach other units.

Here are some cleaning tips:
For wooden or plastic furniture, use mild soap and water. For wood pieces, especially antiques, use a wood cleaner to protect the current finish of the wood.

Make sure to clean fabric items like armchairs or seat cushions with fabric or upholstery cleaner. Also, make sure everything is completely dry before you start packing.

Buff any metal sections with a polishing cloth or metal cleaner. This step will help remove any existing rust and delay tarnish build-up.

2. Cover your furniture for long-term storage

Protecting Your Furniture For Long-Term Storage in Capitola
Source: jdministorage.com

Make sure you cover everything completely. Never keep your large items in a storage unit uncovered. Use sheets, blankets, old clothes, or plastic wrap to cover the pieces and protect them from dust and moisture.

This will not be a problem in our wineries, as we have a humidity and temperature control system. Similarly, be sure not to wrap your furniture in thick plastic covers because they can trap moisture and create condensation. Wrap the furniture loosely so it can breathe.

3. Don't put too many things in

What to do when you have too many things to do | by Vicario Reinaldo |  DataDrivenInvestor

Don't put too much furniture in your storage unit. If you keep a lot of objects in your storage unit, chances are something valuable will break. Take the time to organize your space for easy access.

Pack your furniture methodically starting with the largest pieces and working with the boxes and small items last. Similarly, make sure there is a hallway to access the back and sides of your cellar.

Try to keep your warehouse space clean and clear to protect your furniture and other objects. If you put more and more things, you run the risk of throwing the pieces, bending them and causing other damage.

Now, you know that the best storage place is temporary warehouses. Storing your furniture in a rental warehouse doesn't have to be a complicated task. You just have to make sure you choose one that has enough space for all your things to reach. Then you will have nothing to worry about. They will be kept safe in our facilities!


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